Wednesday, April 28, 2010

my collection

This is my complete collection. For years my thimbles sat on a dresser with little organization. My Mother spent months with my Aunt looking for the best way to display my collection and they came up with this antique letter type drawer. I love it, it is almost full so I am on the lookout for another.

This was a massive addition to my collection. I am a political and historical junkie so it was a perfect gift. Thimbles of the United States Presidents, I believe the pictures are of their official portraits.


  1. I added your address to my website Welcome! :)

  2. Cara tienes una colección muy bonita ! Yo vivo en Argentina, tambien soy coleccionista. Te dejo mi blog por si quieres visitarlo!


  3. Great collection! Grettings from Portugal

  4. Cara! you have an interesting collection. Come to my blog, I will be glad you:)