Friday, August 19, 2011

a trade?

The picture quality is terrible, for which I apologize. I bought two of the same thimble while visiting Boston last summer. I would love to trade my extra thimble from Boston with a collector from another country. The thimble I have is solid pewter etched with significant sights from the American Revolution in Boston.

Anyone interested in a trade?


  1. I am interested in a trade. I have some thimbles from Spain to trade. If you are also interested, please send me an e-mail: I can send you pictures of the thimbles I have to trade.

  2. Cara your thimbles are beautiful!
    We can make a trade when you want. My email is

  3. Felicidades por tu bonita Cleccion.bss

  4. I'm Arlette from Costa Rica, and I'd love to swap thimbles with you :)